Students playing sports

Office of Student Affairs


The Office of Student Affairs cultivates an authentic Catholic Community that holistically develops students for leadership and service to the world.

The mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to cultivate a joyous, faithfully Catholic community that, in conjunction with and based in the academic mission of the university, forms students for a life of leadership and service grounded in Christian truth, virtue, charity, and human dignity.

The dedicated Student Affairs staff strives to create a vibrant campus environment which ignites students’ growth in maturity and virtue by fostering a strong Catholic community that is nevertheless a home for students of any faith.  It is our goal to actualize students’ academic learning in their lives and to help students achieve mature, healthy, adult lives of eudaimonia—“a life well-lived”-- that lead to their ultimate destination of divine life.

The Office of Student Affairs is guided by seven key principles: charity in truth; the Catholic anthropology of the human person; true liberty in responsible adulthood; respect for proper, just authority and law; healthy Catholic community; the cardinal virtues; and Christian wisdom as the goal of the intellectual life.